This past Friday I heard from Nicolas Ellen that he snapped his patellar tendon and needed knee surgery which would prevent him from traveling to our conference.  I can’t tell you how sad he was to miss this year as I know so many of you are.  We will invite him again for sure.  We were so discouraged and concerned that the entire conference was in jeopardy without our keynote speaker.  We had to trust God to provide someone with less than 3 weeks notice.

We scrambled over the weekend to find an alternative speaker that is deep in practical knowledge of all things marriage and family.  After some schedule rearranging and the gracious permission of his elders, Lou Priolo has agreed to be this year’s plenary speaker!  If you have been involved in biblical counseling for any length of time I’m sure you’ve seen and used one of his many books, pamphlets or messages.  If you haven’t heard of Lou let me tell you a little about him.

Lou_Priolo-1024x442Louis Paul Priolo is the director of the Biblical Counseling at Valleydale Church in Birmingham, Alabama. A graduate of Calvary Bible College and Liberty University, he is the author of several books, including The Heart of Anger, The Complete Husband, Teach Them Diligently and Pleasing People. Lou is a Fellow in the  Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). He travels frequently throughout the United States and abroad teaching at Christian marriage, family and counseling conferences.


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B3 2017 Is Coming March 2-4 “Help For Hurting Families”

B3 is shorthand for “Bearing Burdens Biblically” the exhortation Paul gives believers in Galatians 6:1-2.  We have run with this over the past 3 years to provide solidly biblical training for caring for one another in the body of Christ.  This year we have decided that we need to bring focused help from the Bible to marriages and families.  Help For Hurting Families is the focus of this year’s conference.  Our speaker Dr. Nicolas Ellen has put together a slate of messages that will help you practically in your own marriage, and in helping others.  While the topic is so immense he has focused his attention on some of the real essential subjects for us to consider

1.      God’s Design For the Family
2.      Areas of Spiritual Warfare in the Family
3.      Manhood/Role of the Husband
4.      Womanhood/Role of the Wife
5.       Foundation for Faithful Parenting
6.       Handling Conflict
We also plan to have a great lineup of workshops that can expand on these themes and address specific struggles that families face.  REGISTER HERE TODAY

This Year’s Theme

Gospel-Centered Counseling: How to Care Like Christ12278937_1730859540468527_2587146753943536145_n

Do you long to use God’s Word powerfully, but sometimes struggle to know how to relate truth to life? Do you care deeply, but sometimes struggle to know how to care like Christ? Dr. Bob Kellemen’s seminar—Gospel-Centered Counseling: How to Care Like Christ­—equips you to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth. You’ll learn how to share biblical wisdom for life’s 8 ultimate questions—gospel-centered counseling. And you’ll learn how to apply 4 biblical compass points for one-another ministry—gospel conversations.

Why B3?

Nathan Web PhotoThis is the third annual biblical counseling conference we are offering in the Kansas City metro area March 3-5, 2016.  Reigning Grace Biblical Counseling Center, North of the river and Redeeming Grace Biblical Counseling Center in South Johnson County are joining forces to put on an exciting and engaging conference.  Our mission is to promote a movement of Christians equipped with God’s Word to minister to the people around them in life changing ways.   We are not interested in the latest gimmicks and methods of the confused world of modern Psychology.  We are firmly committed to soul care that is solidly grounded in biblical counseling principals and methods.  The church across America has in many ways given up on the charge we have received from the Lord Jesus himself.

Galatians 6:1-3  [1] Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted. [2] Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. 

Each believer is Spirit filled for the purpose of helping brothers and sisters trapped by sin.  This is not a job for professionals and experts trained in the secular philosophies of this world, but truly it’s a calling for Christians equipped with God’s sufficient Word.  Bearing one another’s burdens is a fulfillment of Jesus command to love our neighbor as our self.  We point burdened people to the ultimate Burden Bearer- Jesus Christ!